Praise for Daughter of the Mara

“An idea that is too good to not read.” –Brien Shores, author of I Think You Dropped This

“A young girl plagued by waking nightmares seeks her destiny in this YA fantasy!” –Tony Valdez, author of Dax Harrison

“A girl who is literally half nightmare and half human. This deserves more attention.” –Rebecca Getzinger, Author

“I love the writing style of this author and the premise of this story. The first few words hook you into the book and don’t let you go.” –Emma Galbraith, Author of A Falling Ember

“The first chapter was full of intrigue and interesting characters drawing me in straight away. It was an original story and I enjoyed learning about the world of the Mara.”-LJ Higgins, YA Books Central

“The story is emotionally charged and readers can’t fail to appreciate the psychological depth of the conflict. Daughter of the Mara is beautifully written and it is heartbreaking at times to watch the protagonist struggle with her reality, unable to trust her mind and the world around her. Alexandra Bittner’s writing transports readers from their immediate reality and thrusts them into a world where they begin to feel goosebumps and wonder if anything is real. A page-turner in its genre. ”   -Divine Zape, Readers’ Favorites